Who Squashed the Moderates?

Who Squashed the Moderates?
Vol: 104 Issue: 26 Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New York City community board voted to approve the construction of an Islamic mosque and cultural center within steps of Ground Zero.

Conservative tea party activist Mark Williams has called the proposed center a monument to the terror attacks. So have many of the family members of the 9/11 victims.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer defended the decision and denounced what he calls “offensive” speech directed at the plan or at Muslims. 

“What I want people to do is to take a look at the totality of what they are proposing,” Stringer said. “What we’re rejecting here is outright bigotry and hatred.”

In Stringer’s eyes, I would be a bigot and a hater because I oppose constructing a mosque near Ground Zero. 

I’ve noticed that those who routinely use words like ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’ almost always do so in the context of defending their own hatred, racism or bigotry.  Only a bigot would automatically assume that opposition to the mosque was prompted by hatred. 

My opposition doesn’t arise from bigotry, but out of respect for America’s war dead.  It isn’t born out of hatred for Islam, but out of love for the families of their victims.

I cannot imagine how I would feel if Gayle or one of my kids had been murdered in the Twin Towers and the first monument to be constructed was an Islamic cultural center. 

But I am pretty sure my first feeling would be pain.  Serious, agonizing, screaming-out-loud pain.   There is no hatred in empathizing with that pain.  There is no bigotry in asking that the mosque be built somewhere else. 

Anywhere else. 

I don’t hate Germans.  But I would object to Germany constructing a monument to Germany on the grounds of a former death camp.    I don’t hate Japanese.  I would object to Japan building a monument to Japan along the road to Bataan.

Somebody has to say it, if for no other reason but to restore balance to the universe.   Let me.

Borough president Stringer is an idiot of the first order.  It makes me a little sick at my stomach to think that somebody this hateful, clueless and condescending has authority over his own children, let alone being a Borough president.

Some might think my calling him an ‘idiot’ is hateful.  Allow me to offer some evidence in support of my contention.

Stringer said he understood the sensitivities of the families of 9/11 victims. If so, he is more than just a bigoted jerk.  Stringer stands as a living testimony to the blind cruelty of the self-righteous Left and the platitudes they cloak themselves with.

“I don’t think anybody wants to do anything to disrespect those families. They made the ultimate sacrifice,” he said.   

But if you think it is disrespectful, you are a hater and a bigot.  You know, like the 9/11 families are.   Have you ever heard such idiocy?  How the heck is being MURDERED a ‘sacrifice’ — as if the families had offered up their loved ones to some greater good.

This is what frightens me about America’s future.  Idiots like this guy actually holding positions of authority.

“At the same time, we have to balance diversity and look for opportunities to bring different groups together.”

Balance diversity?  The ENTIRE US Islamic population LESS than 2% — or about equal to the number of Americans that believe they have been abducted by UFO’s. 

But Stringer is by no means the only idiot involved here.  Just the most obvious.  But there are others.  The AP quoted some guy named Bruce Wallace who said he lost a nephew on 9/11. 

“The moderate Muslim voice has been squashed in America,” says Wallace. 

 I’m not sure what bothers me most about that last statement.  His blind faith in the existence of a moderate Muslim voice?

Or his contention that somehow it was ‘squashed’ by someone.  WHO ‘squashed’ the moderate Muslim voice?   When Muslims worldwide stood up to cheer the attacks on September 11th, where were the moderate voices?  Where have they been since then? 

So who squashed the Islamic moderates?


Honestly — I want to scream in fury.  I am almost beside myself with rage.  But my anger isn’t directed at Islam.  

It is at the idiotic arguments being offered and even more so at hearing them picked up and amplified by other idiots thinking that they are taking the higher moral ground.   

Am I a bigot?  Or are these guys monumentally stupid?   I wasn’t sure so I typed “moderate Islam” into Google to see which side of the question I am on.

I didn’t read all the hits.  But in order, the first one was from Foreign Policy Magazine.   It was titled, “The Myth of Moderate Islam.”

The next was a piece by Daniel Pipes entitled, “Identifying Moderate Muslims.”  This was the only ‘positive’ return on the first page, in that Pipes says he believes in the existence of moderate Islam.  And he has the proof.

Pipes believes that because a handful of Muslim clerics and other Islamic groups “found their voices” since September 11.  Pipes was able to find SIX individuals he thought might be moderate and TWO ‘organizations.’ (Out of 1.6 billion Muslims)

The next was from Europe News.  The title says it all; “Moderate Islam?”

According to Islamfortoday.com, the only ones who believe in moderate Islam are idiots like the Manhattan Borough president and dhimmis like Wallace.

“Muslims in general do not like using the term, understanding it to indicate an individual who has politically sold out to the “other” side. In some internal intellectual debates, the term moderate Muslim is used pejoratively to indicate a Muslim who is more secular and less Islamic than the norm, which varies across communities.”

They don’t like using the term because ‘moderate Muslim’ is the functional equivalent to ‘apostate Christian.’

“Both, Western media and Muslims, do a disservice by branding some Muslims as moderate on the basis of their politics. These people should general be understood as opportunists and self-serving. Most of the moderate regimes in the Muslim World are neither democratic nor manifest the softer side of Islam. That leaves intellectual positions as the criteria for determining who is a moderate Muslim, and especially in comparison to whom, since moderate is a relative term.”  Muqtedar Khan, PhD.

Remember where we began.  We started by looking for ‘moderate Islam’.  

The next return to my search was from Frontpagemagazine asking the question: “Is There a Moderate Islam?”

Next is one called “Moderate Islam Does Not Exist” followed by “Beheading Moderate Islam” followed by “Four Faces of Islam”  and only THEN do we find yet another idiot claiming that the voices of moderate Islam have been “silenced” by American “bigotry.”

So, maybe I am a bigot because I can’t find any evidence suggesting the existence of a moderate Islamic center.  There is nothing in the Koran that permits moderation.  

According to the Koran, Osama bin-Laden is a good Muslim.  Moderate Islam is a synonym for ‘apostate Islam’ according to Islamic authorities.   But what do they know?

The best authority is clearly a Manhattan Borough president who, without any evidence in hand apart from his own ignorance, just knows that Islam is a religion of peace and love and worthy of more respect than the victims of September 11th.

And since Wallace ‘lost a nephew’ on 9/11 he is obviously in the best position to unsquash moderate Islam’s voice by building a monument to the ideology responsible.

And anybody who doesn’t agree with them is a hateful bigot.   Except actual members of Islam who take offense at the label ‘moderate’.

They aren’t hateful bigots.  They are the ‘real’ 9/11 victims.   And if you disagree, you’re a hateful, bigoted jerk.  

No offense intended. 

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