Maybe Next Year. . .

Maybe Next Year. . .
Vol: 99 Issue: 31 Thursday, December 31, 2009

I have to tell you — I’m darned surprised to be writing this New Year’s Eve column.  I half-expected we’d have been Raptured by now.   Yet here we stand, on the threshold of the second decade of the 21st century.  How did that happen?

If ever there were a year that seemed Rapture-ready, it’s been the last one.  

Ten days after being sworn in, Obama rammed through an almost trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ bill that not one member of the House admitted to having read.  

Congressman John Conyers [D-M] scoffed that if Congress had to read every bill put before them, they’d never get anything done.   What a wonderful idea that would be!  

In February, Obama signed a budget that contained the largest budget deficit in the history of the world.  One calculation was that it was more than the total of al
l the budget deficits of all previous administrations combined.  

I don’t know if that is true, but given that a billion seconds equals 32 years and a trillion seconds equals 32,000 years, it sounds plausible. 

It was less than ten years ago, on May 1, 2000 when President Clinton announced the US would begin paying down the national debt.  Soon after, (and for the first time in my living memory) the debt clock began to tick backwards. 

On September 1, 2000, the clock’s plug was pulled altogether and the billboard covered by a red, white and blue curtain.   The average citizen’s share of the national debt was $0.00.  

Today — less than a decade later — each citizen’s share of the national debt is a horrifying $346,373.00 and the administration continues to spend like a drunken sailor.  That’s not really a fair comparison to drunken sailors. I’ve known many drunken sailor more fiscally responsible than this administration.  

In March, sales of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” suddenly tripled, ranking a book #224 first published in 1957 on the Amazon sales listings.   Even newspaper headlines were asking, “Who Is John Galt?” or referencing  “The Dapper John Galt” and “The Going John Galt Movement.”

John Galt is a pivotal character in the novel, which fictionalizes a dystopic American future where government intervention into the economy has wrought further economic turndown that extends and deepens the depression.

In looking for someone to blame for their ills, the leaders of the country and those who are suffering begin to blame the rich. They chastise them for their ideas, their high profits, and their wealth. 

Looking back over the past year and recalling the Left’s demonization of capitalism, ‘fat-cat bankers’ ‘greedy insurance companies’ makes reading “Atlas Shrugged”,  published fifty-three years ago, more than a little spooky. 

By April, the “John Galt Movement” became a spontaneous grass-roots movement loosely coordinated under the name ‘Tea Party” — a reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773 that ultimately led to the American Revolution. 

We were also treated with another demonstration of the transformation of the mainstream media into a left-wing propaganda machine when more than a million people held spontaneous demonstrations in more than 700 cities under a more-or-less complete media blackout. 

The tea party rallies continued until the media could no longer ignore them, at which time they began to demonize them as “angry mobs” and “professional demonstrators” despite the fact the majority of the participants were families and senior citizens.

Out of the literally thousands of tea party demonstrations by “angry mobs”  across the country in 2009, there was not one single arrest.  

In May, four men were arrested and charged with plotting to shoot down a US aircraft using Stinger missiles. CBS 2’s report from New York was 828 words long. Not one of those words was either ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic’. The AP report was only 222 words long. No mention of anything even suggesting an Islamic link. 

It took the New York Times 903 words to keep that information secret, although one of the police officials quoted mentioned the word ‘jihad’.  

The media was just following the administration’s lead, adopting the new wartime Obama-speak, something I heard someone describe as being as ‘goofy as a dog in a Tinkerbell costume’ — a pretty good summary, I thought.  

Another might be Jack Bauer’s conversion to Islam in the season finale of ’24’.  For the record, I didn’t see it — I had to rely on what I read.

I quit watching ’24’ when I discovered that if America really did have a “Jack Bauer”  he’d be doing life in prison under current administration policy.

In Obama-speak, the war on terror is over and has been replaced by an American ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’.   The word terrorism was replaced by the phrase ‘man-caused disaster’.  Linking the words “Islamic” with “terrorism” was forbidden.   

In terms of foreign policy,  the present State of Israel, in Obama-speak is  “the occupation” — a phrase adopted by the Islamic world to describe what it calls the existence of the Jewish State.   

In June,  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner of the presidential election in Iran, sparking widespread demonstrations across the country and riots in the streets of Tehran.  Supporters of the demonstration begged for some expression of support from the United States. 

Inexplicably, the administration did nothing and said nothing.  Without support from the West, the demonstrations soon collapsed as the White House squandered one of the best opportunities for regime change in Iran to come along in forty years. 

But when a black professor named Henry Gates was arrested by Cambridge police the following month,  Obama didn’t hesitate to share his conclusion that Gates’ arrest was racially motivated and that by taking Gates into custody, the Cambridge police “acted stupidly.”  

Obama admitted he didn’t know the details, but his immediate assumption was that the white cops were picking on Gates because he was black: 

“What I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately,” Obama said. “That’s just a fact.” 

By July the Israelis had begun to openly assume that the Obama administration would betray Israel and approve Iran’s uranium enrichment program.   The Israelis were right, except Iran refused the offer.  

Polls within Israel showed that only 4% of Israelis trusted the Obama administration — and the polls had a margin of error of 4.5%. 

In August,  100 astrophysicists from all over the world converged on Montana State University to discuss a strange solar phenomenon in which solar activity has all but ceased in the middle of what should be an eleven year solar maximum period.   

“It continues to be dead,” said Saku Tsuneta of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, speaking of the sun. “It’s a dead face.”

Oleg Sorokhtin of the Russian National Academy of Scientists presented his opinion that the world is about to enter another Ice Age, calling man’s influence on the climate a drop in the bucket compared to the effect the sun has on the earth’s climate. 

In September, the White House decided to punish Fox News by shutting it out of loop and refusing the network access to top administration officials.  Obama fired the first shots by holding a media interview blitz to sell his health care plan.

He chose to appear on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Univision to make his case, but pointedly announced he would not appear of Fox News.  

In October,  Lord Moncton of Great Britain traveled across the US to implore Americans to resist the Copenhagen climate change conference in December.    

In November,  somebody released thousands of stolen emails between climate scientists working with the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in the UK. 

The recurring theme that has emerged from all these private in-house discussions among the world’s leading climate scientists is that they’ve been “cooking the books” for decades.  

You’d think this would be big, big, news.  But it really wasn’t.  The mainstream media has so heavily invested itself in Al Gore and global warming that reporting the Climategate story would highlight their own gullibility and destroy their credibility. 

It took until December before the BBC finally ‘discovered’ the Climategate story and figured out a way to tell it so that the bad guys weren’t the scientists involved but the whistle-blowers that exposed the scam.   

The purpose of the Copenhagen Conference was to impose global carbon emissions caps and develop a carbon emissions permit trading market to buy and sell unused permit ‘credits’.  

The scheme was invented by Kenneth Lay as a way for Enron to hide its financial losses. The result would have been the imposition of energy price hikes until nobody could afford to use fossil fuels. 

The Copenhagen Conference opened with an admission by conference organizer Connie Hedegaard;

“This is our chance.  If we miss it, it could take years before we got a new and better one.  If we ever do.”

Fortunately for the world,  they missed it.  The Copenhagen Conference adjourned without coming up with a binding agreement.   


As we count down to the New Year (it is already 2010 in Australia) the big question facing us is the same one we’ve faced every New Year of this century — the threat of a major terrorist attack. 

The Christmas Day crotch-bomber trained together with dozens of others for similar operations, but so far, the administration seems reluctant to take the threat seriously — 2010 is an election year and Obama doesn’t want to anger his base. 

But all that could change fast if the enemy is able to successfully strike us on our home soil, especially on New Year’s Eve.   Even if we manage to make it into the New Year safely,  2010 is still fraught with danger. 

Iran is reportedly negotiating to buy some 1,300 tons of uranium ore from Kazhakstan in violation of UN sanctions.  Iran rejected the year’s-end deadline imposed by the P-5 plus Germany and the administration is reportedly playing down the prospect of the West taking any concrete action anytime soon.

Instead, the White House says it will push for a new round of sanctions as a remedy, evidently unconcerned that Kazakhstan is ignoring those already in place.   Israel believes Iran already has enough uranium to make a bomb and that it is rapidly passing the point of no return. 

Nothing has been resolved concerning Syria’s nuclear program which will also now carry over into 2010.

Hezbollah continues to violate UN Resolution 1779 prohibiting its rearmament while several contingents of UN peacekeepers are planning to withdraw in advance of the approaching conflict in Lebanon. 

Turkey continues to move away from the West and into the Islamist camp, having abrogated mutual defense treaties between Ankara and Israel while seeking closer ties with Iran in precise harmony with Ezekiel’s Gog-Magog prophecy. 

Then there the wild card — North Korea.  Nobody is sure what the crazy li
ttle dictator in the hermit kingdom might do next with his nuclear program but it is a deadbang certainty that we won’t like it.

But with all the potential dangers ahead in the coming year,  2010 also holds out the bright promise of hope. It looks like chaos and confusion and fear to the rest of the world, but for those of us who know the truth, it is a period of great assurance.

As we witness the fulfillments of prophecies thousands of years old taking shape precisely as foretold,  it is evidence to us that God remains on His throne and He remains intimately concerned with the affairs of men.  

The same God that promised we’d see all these things that have already begun to come to pass promised that the rest of Bible prophecy would be fulfilled just as accurately.    He promised that the generation that witnessed the beginning will not pass until all these things are fulfilled.   

Events continue to move us in the direction foretold, and there is no reason to believe that they will suddenly reverse course, meaning the Rapture of the Church grows ever nearer. 

So as the New Year dawns, have no fear.  The Lord is coming.  He is coming soon.  

Maybe in 2010?   We’ll see.  I hope so.

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