Is Jimmy Carter Just Naive?

Is Jimmy Carter Just Naive?
Vol: 93 Issue: 18 Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is Jimmy Carter Just Naive?

Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were being treated “more like animals than human beings” by Israeli rules that have limited travel, banned the import of all but basic goods and prevented reconstruction.

“Never before in history has a large community been savaged by bombs and missiles and then deprived of the means to repair itself,” said Carter the historian.

Actually, the historical list of destroyed large communities is rather long, but for Jimmy Carter, when it comes to slamming Israel, historical accuracy is irrelevant.

“This abuse must cease. The crimes must be investigated. The wall must be brought down, and the basic right of freedom must come to you,” he said at the United Nations school Hamas used as a shield to fire rockets at Israeli tanks during last year’s “Operation Cast Lead.”

You’ll recall that Israeli gunners returned fire, hitting the school, which Israel had no way of knowing was being used as a shelter. Hamas did, which is why they set up a gun emplacement there. To draw Israeli fire into the shelter.

Carter, who met with Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas leader in Gaza, said he told the group’s officials that they should halt attacks, recognize Israel and join peace talks.

“They have made statements and taken actions that suggest they are ready,” Carter said.

“If there is a real project that aims to resolve the Palestinian cause on establishing a Palestinian state on 1967 borders, under full Palestinian sovereignty, we will support it,” Haniyeh said.

Notice that Haniyeh did not say whether that would involve recognizing Israel or agreeing to halt Hamas’s armed resistance.

Ready for what? Peace with Israel? Hardly. Hamas would be required by its own charter to disband if it agreed to either recognizing Israel’s right to exist or by giving up the pursuit of Israel’s destruction by armed struggle.

By Charter, Hamas’ leaders would be guilty of both blasphemy and treason and they’d have to all fall on their swords. But the Charter DOES allow for ‘any means’ to pursue the ultimate goal of Israel’s destruction, including deception.

Which is why hours later, Deputy Hamas Foreign Minister Ahmed Youssef told the Associated Press that his group greatly appreciated Carter’s “historic” visit, but rejected international conditions for officially including Hamas in the land-for-peace process.

“Hamas finds the conditions unacceptable,” he said. “Recognizing Israel is completely unacceptable.”

Can Carter be that naive? Or does he just hate Israel?


Carter believes that the problem isn’t the Arab world, but Israel. It is Israel that seeks to control “Palestinian land” according to Carter, and not the other way around.

That’s just silly. Israel amounts to .6% of the Middle East land mass and accounts for just 2% of the regional population. It has never ‘occupied’ any land not first used to stage an attack aimed at Israel’s annihilation.

We’ve already noticed Carter’s predilection for revising history. But revising it doesn’t change it — history is what it is.

Even the name ‘Palestine’ isn’t Arab, but Greek. The Romans renamed Judea to ‘Palestina’ after the Jews’ traditional enemies, the Philistines. The Philistines weren’t Arabs, they were ethnic Greeks.

The land under dispute today wasn’t “Arab” land prior to 1948. From 1517 until 1917, what is now Israel was not Arab land. It was Turkish land. It belonged to the Ottoman Turks until the Ottomans lost WWI to the Allies.

Winston Churchill created the “Arab world” at the San Remo Conference in 1922. The British then controlled the Palestinian Mandate until 1948.

Carter wrote a book accusing Israel of being an ‘apartheid state’. Is it possible he can be that naive? Or maybe not understand the correct meaning of the phrase?

More than one million Israeli Arabs enjoy all the same benefits in Israel as Jewish citizens, including the right to vote and be represented at the Knesset. The openly apartheid state-in-waiting is ‘Palestine” which demands it be Jew-free as a condition of peace – a position Carter heartily supports.

Israel’s security fence is designed to keep Palestinian terrorists out of Israel. Carter calls it a prison designed to keep Palestinians confined in the West Bank. Again, can he possibly be that naive?

If Israel didn’t build a fence to keep Palestinians out of Israel, the Palestinians would have built one to keep out the Jews. There is a fence along the border with Israel and Jordan. Israel didn’t build it. Jordan did.

There are fences along the borders with Syria and Lebanon, as well. Where there aren’t fences, there are mines, radar, and outposts manned by machine gun toting soldiers from both sides. How is this fence more apartheid than the other border fences?

Jimmy Carter isn’t naive. Nor is he misinformed. Jimmy Carter is a smart man, smart enough to have captured the White House. He may have been a fluke, but he was smart enough to capitalize on the aftermath of Watergate and get himself elected.

He knows that Hamas is a terror group dedicated to Israel’s destruction and that Hamas cannot make peace with Israel without self-destructing. He knows that the fence keeps out terrorists. He knows that Operation Cast Lead followed six thousand rocket attacks against Israel.

Jimmy Carter knows all this, but he evidently can’t help himself. Antisemitism, once it takes hold, must be incredibly seductive.

Carter’s recent book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”, is filled with factual errors, misrepresentations, plagiarism, and outright fabrication. But it also explains a lot about his worldview.

For, in attacking Israel the way he chose to do, he is promoting a view that there is no longer a covenant between Jews and God that Christians are bound to honor. His book, in short, is a brief in support of “replacement theology.”

Replacement theology says that the Jews are no longer part of God’s plan for humanity. Some, (like Carter) argue the Jews of Israel aren’t really the Jews of antiquity anyway. It is via this line of thinking that many mainstream Christian churches support the ‘Palestinians’ and decry Israel.

Jimmy Carter isn’t naive. He knows exactly what he is doing.

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