America’s Former Best Friend Forever

America’s Former Best Friend Forever
Vol: 93 Issue: 16 Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It is like a scene from one of those 50’s horror movies that makes you want to shout out to the character, “Look out behind you! It’s a trap!” The trap is so obvious (to you) that it’s actually frustrating. “What’s wrong with this guy?”

I feel a similar sense of frustration as I watch Israel try and jump through the progressively difficult diplomatic hoops demanded by the Obama administration; “Look out behind you! It’s a trap!”

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said that Obama was very pleased to hear Netanyahu finally publicly commit to the creation of a Palestinian Arab state. Gibbs went on to decree that the Emperor Obama wants to see a final status peace deal that includes both a Jewish state of Israel and an independent Palestinian state living side by side.

But the Jewish State of Obama is growing smaller with each passing speech. On June 4, Obama stated in his address to the Muslim world in Cairo, “The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements it is time for these settlements to stop.”

That statement represents a complete reversal of the US position in 2004 when President Bush sent Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a letter of understanding. In that letter, Bush said the United States would back Israel retaining major Jewish population centers in the West Bank as part of any final status agreement.

In addition the US Senate passed a resolution formally endorsing the Bush letter. Had the letter been a treaty, the Senate endorsement would be the equivalent of formal ratification.

Among those senators who voted for the resolution endorsing the US position was then-NY Senator Hillary Clinton. As the junior Senator from New York, and therefore heavily dependent on NY’s Jewish population for support, Hillary not only voted for the resolution, she heartily supported it.

But Hillary’s Senate career is over. She no longer has to pander to her constituency. To keep her job, she need only pander to Barack Hussein Obama.

And so, up until Obama’s speech to the Muslim world, the State Department was dodging questions about whether or not the Obama administration would recognize the letter from Bush to Sharon.

When finally cornered on the question during a joint May 27 news conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Clinton replied coldly,

“There is no memorialization of any informal and oral agreements. If they did occur, which, of course, people say they did, they did not become part of the official position of the United States Government,” she said.

(Remember, Hillary voted for the resolution endorsing that letter “which of course, people say” Bush sent and the Senate endorsed).

“And there are contrary documents that suggest that they were not to be viewed as in any way contradicting the obligations that Israel undertook pursuant to the Roadmap. And those obligations are very clear.”

Clinton added that the United States does not recognize the legitimacy of any Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, regardless of status.

“The president was very clear when Prime Minister Netanyahu was here. He wants to see a stop to settlements — not some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions.”



The White House was silent in the face of reaction from an “enraged” Palestinian Authority to Netanyahu’s speech. According to reports from Israel Today and the Debkafile, the Palestinians are openly discussing the resumption of terror as a tactic of negotiation.

More and more Palestinian politicians in Ramallah argue that because the Israeli prime minister placed new obstacles on the road to the Middle East peace process, they are entitled to revert to the late Yasser Arafat’s two-stage tactics of synchronized terror and diplomacy. This would mean resuscitating the Fatah’s al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Tanzim terrorist organizations because, they say, Abbas would be ill-advised to engage in peace talks with Israel unarmed with the Palestinians’ primary tool of pressure, terror.

Some even argue that Abbas’ Fatah, by going back to violence, would force the US president to accept that they will never give up any of their principles, i.e. Israel’s total withdrawal to pre-1967 borders, a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem its capital and the right of 1948 refugees to return to their homes. . .

As for Netanyahu’s demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, Palestinian spokesmen said that never in a thousand years would any Palestinian comply. Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak supported this assertion when he accused Netanyahu Monday, June 15, of “scuppering” the Middle East peace process because “no one will support this in Egypt or anywhere else.”

Let’s break down what it is that has so enraged the Arab world. First, the presence of Jewish settlements in an Arab-decreed No Jew Zone and second, an Israeli demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish State.

The Jews are decried as racist for wanting recognition as a Jewish State because 20% of the Israel population is non-Jewish. The Jews are not asking that the non-Jews be uprooted and moved to ‘Palestine’.

They are asking only that the character of the 80% majority be recognized for what it is.

By contrast, the Arabs demand (and the world supports) that all Jews be totally evacuated from every square inch of ‘Palestinian land’ in a ‘Palestinian state’ that has been carved from the heart of Biblical Israel as a homeland for a Palestinian people that never actually existed.

Until 1967, the only ‘Palestinians’ in the Holy Land were the Jews. Residents of the West Bank were Jordanians. Those in Gaza were Egyptian. Prior to 1948, they were all part of the British Mandate. Before that, they were citizens of the province of Southern Syria in the Ottoman Empire.

From the time of Christ until the mid-20th century, the only ‘Palestinians’ in the world were the Jews. The Holy Land is the Land of the Jews and has always been the Land of the Jews. The Palestinian people are the Jews.

But the world insists that the Arabs are the rightful owners of the Land of Promise first conquered by Joshua 1400 years before Christ. That the city of Jerusalem founded by King David of Israel is the rightful capital of a future Palestinian state.

And that the threshing floor purchased by King David a thousand years before Christ is the rightful property of Islam, founded in the 6th century after Christ.

For all of its sixty year history, Israel has counted on the fact that its best friend and ideological twin, the United States, has not bought into the lie that Israel is rightfully an Arab state stolen by the Jews in 1948.

How could Americans who believe the Bible is the Word of God ever simultaneously believe Jerusalem is an Arab capital? But the more the Bible becomes a book of myths and legends, the easier it is to revise Jewish history and make it sound believable.

“And David went out to meet them, and answered and said unto them, If ye be come peaceably unto me to help me, mine heart shall be knit unto you: but if ye be come to betray me to mine enemies, seeing there is no wrong in mine hands, the God of our fathers look thereon, and rebuke it.” (1st Chronicles 12:17)

“Look out! It’s a trap!”

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