The China Pattern

The China Pattern
Vol: 86 Issue: 22 Saturday, November 22, 2008

In our discussion of the latest “Global Trends” report, we mentioned China and the Kings of the East only in passing — the point I wanted to make was how closely the US intelligence estimates mirrored Bible prophecy for the last days.

We discussed the four spheres of global power that the Bible predicted would dominate the world in the last days and how exactly they corresponded with the four spheres of world power analyzed by the report, right down to the fact that both use Jerusalem as the compass center.

The Kings of the East don’t occupy a lot of space in Bible prophecy — about all that the Scriptures tell us is that they will march westward across the great Euphrates River whose path dissects both Iraq and Turkey.

When the apostles were first beginning to spread the Good News of Jesus into the world, the Holy Spirit instructed them not to preach the word of God in Asia.

Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia. (Acts 16:6)

As a consequence, the initial thrust of Christianity as it spread across the earth went toward the west rather than the east.

This had profound implications for geopolitical future, not the least of which was the fact that Christianity thereafter would be seen as a Western institution and be identified closely with Western government.

History shows that this has been the course that the message of the Gospel has taken as it has been preached across the world. It started in the Middle East and spread north and west throughout Europe while its eastern course was blocked and thwarted by the Holy Spirit, according to His purposes.

Five hundred years ago Columbus brought Christianity to the Western Hemisphere where it began to spread across the American continent. (Jeremiah 25:22). Only in this last generation is it sweeping across eastern Asia, coming, like the sun, full circle around the globe.

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” (Matthew 24:14)

Modern China is home to one of the fastest growing underground church movements in history, as the Word of God continues to follow the path of the sun, from east to west.

But the Bible says that the light of truth goes out during the Tribulation period. The Restrainer is removed, together with the Church, and the man of sin takes his place as world dictator for seven years.

John says that at some point during that seven years, the four spirits bound at the Euphrates River will be unbound in the last days, to prepare the way for the Kings of the East.

Their exact objective is not specified; neither do we know exactly what provokes them to invade. But we know how many of them will be making the trip.

“And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them. ” (Revelation 9:16)

In John’s day, that was a preposterous number. Two hundred thousand thousand is equal to two hundred million — roughly twice the population of the world in John’s day.

It was a preposterous number in 1800 when it represented twenty percent of the global population of one billion. It was even preposterous eighty years ago, when two hundred million represented ten percent of the global population of two billion.

The global population didn’t pass three billion until 1960, four billion until the mid-70’s, five billion in the late ’80’s. By 1999, when the global population sailed passed the six billion mark, the People’s Republic of China had a standing army, including ready reserves, of two hundred million men.

The precision of that prophecy still fills me with awe. Now that the prophetic number is filled, the preparations for the way of the kings of the east are underway.

The invasion of the West by the forces of the East is one of the most significant events of the last days. From its earliest pages, the Bible has consistently predicted that the final destruction of Babylon will come with the rise to power of the Prince of Persia. (2 Chron.36:20).

The ultimate Prince of Persia is still to come.


Today, American troops line both sides of the Euphrates River while Washington considers ways to effect regime change in nearby Iran (Persia) over the strenuous objections of Beijing and Moscow.

China s one-child policy resulted in way more young men than young women, so China s standing army of 200 million is an army of frustrated and jumpy young men without much hope of a family life apart from the state.

China is extending its reach into Iran, even as it seeks ways to drive the West back over to its side of the Euphrates. China has invested heavily in cyberwarfare and has built up an army of cyber-warriors in preparation for what China anticipates is a coming war with the West, and in particular, the United States.

The number of attacks on US government, defense companies and businesses rose by a third in 2007, to 43,880 incidents affecting five million computers, according to the claims by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Some were so sophisticated that they might be impossible to counteract, or even detect. Meanwhile, its space program, targeted at what one Chinese military strategist called “America’s soft ribs”, was steadily increasing the vulnerability of US assets.

“China is intent on expanding its sphere of control even at the expense of its Asian neighbors and the United States,” it said.

Pentagon and other Washington studies have accused China of using computer hacking to steal information and threaten disruption to both civil and defence services before, and particularly since an alleged co-ordinated attack in 2002, code-named by the US “Titan Rain”, downloaded huge quantities of information.

The Global Trends report forecasts, rather optimistically, that China will share global dominance with the US by 2025. That assumes two things. First, it assumes that China will want to share power with the United States in 2025. Second, it assumes the continued existence of the United States in 2025.

Both are somewhat optimistic assumptions, all things considered.


Once again, snow in November caught my ISP completely by surprise. (Must be global warming). So once again, I offer that as my lame excuse for the lateness of today’s Omega Letter.

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