‘Pravda’ Means ‘Truth’

‘Pravda’ Means ‘Truth’
Vol: 26 Issue: 20 Thursday, November 20, 2003

Tens of thousands of protestors are expected to descend on London to protest President Bush’s presence and the war with Iraq. Meanwhile, Bush is taking a vicious pounding in the international press.

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald reported a effigy of President Bush that demonstrators intend to pull down in a parody of the toppling of Saddam’s statue under the headline, “Bush to be Cut Down to Size on London Visit”.

Russia’s Pravda described the protests as “The Writing on the Wall” for George Bush. According to Russia’s premiere news outlet, “The massive security operation in London to protect George Bush, the lies and reiteration of lies and Washington’s acts of butchery in Iraq spell a clear message to the President of the United States of America.”

Remember, in Russian, ‘Pravda’ means ‘truth’. Until the fall of the Soviet regime, ‘Pravda’ was the official state newspaper of the Soviet Union. In any case, here’s how Russia sees George Bush.

“In three years, George W. Bush and his odious regime have managed to destroy the carefully-built climate of trust between the USA and the international community, to create the most venomous anti-American feeling the planet has ever known, to drive a wedge between the USA and the British public, traditionally the country’s closest friends and to tear apart the tissue which bound the international community together in a framework of international law and norms, based upon dialogue, discussion and debate, in the proper forum, the UNO.”

Domestic coverage wasn’t much kinder. The Boston Globe headlined Bush’s speech in London this way; “High Ideals, Few Specifics.”

The London Daily Mail compared Bush’s visit with “the last time a cowboy came to see the Queen” – when Buffalo Bill entertained Queen Victoria with his Wild West Show.

While President Bush asked his British audience if anybody seriously believed the world was a better place before the fall of Saddam, protestors outside carried signs saying, “Bush, Butcher of Baghdad” and “Bush: Worlds #1 Terrorist”.

One protester with a bullhorn shouted, “If you think Bush is a moron, yell `Retard.'”


A much different position was taken by the London Sunday Times. It reminded its readers that what the demonstrators were protesting was the removal of Saddam Hussein. All the old reasons for protesting are now moot.

There is a clear connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. While the protestors might be able to argue, barring discovery of Saddam’s WMD stockpile, that Bush oversold the threat Saddam posed to the world.

But nobody can deny the threat he posed to his own people.

The marchers, the critics, the hostile global press, the hoopla surrounding the security arrangements to protect the president . . . all of it, is, in the final analysis, a protest AGAINST removing Saddam Hussein. And most of the protestors are so blinded by propaganda that they don’t even know it.

Those who have figured it out for themselves keep protesting because the protestors hate the United States MORE than they hated Saddam’s Iraq.

The Russian assessment of the Bush administration as an ‘odious regime’ is to be expected — despite the optimistic assessments, the two nations will never be friends.

But the visceral hatred for George Bush articulated by the press in Britain, Australia and even the United States can’t be explained away as easily. Today’s bombings in Istanbul prove that there is no safe haven from the war on terror.

Being a fellow Muslim is no protection from al-Qaeda, as Istanbul’s Muslim victims attest. Neither does taking a public position friendly to terrorism, as attacks against French interests in the Gulf and elsewhere have proved.

So protesting against the US doesn’t buy security from al-Qaeda attacks. The only security against being attacked is to eliminate the attackers.

President Bush said in his speech, “Whatever has come before, we now have only two options: To keep our word or to break our word,” Bush said. “Failure of democracy in Iraq would throw its people back into misery and turn that country over to terrorists who wish to destroy us.”

From al-Qaeda’s perspective, the rules of engagement are simple. If al-Qaeda can force America out of Iraq, then they win. If they can drive America out of Iraq, it will embolden the terrorists to escalate the attacks as they seek even greater concessions.

None of this is complicated. But there is another spirit at work in the world today, a spirit of deception that blinds many to even the most obvious of truths.

Deception is the hallmark of the antichrist. Deception in this generation has been elevated to an art form. We’ve even developed a cute name for it. ‘Propaganda’ is more respectable when it is called ‘spin’. Professional propagandists are called ‘spin doctors’.

When asked what would be the signs of His coming and the end of the age, the FIRST thing that Jesus said in reply was, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

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