Haven’t We Danced This Dance Before?

Haven’t We Danced This Dance Before?
Vol: 26 Issue: 12 Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The International Atomic Energy Agency has given Iran a limited passing grade in its latest report on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Mohammad el-Baradei, said the Iranian nuclear declaration ‘appears to be comprehensive’.

While inspectors said they found no evidence of a bomb program in Iran, there was evidence that the Iranians were working on methods of uranium enrichment and the production of plutonium.

The Bush administration wants Iran declared in violation of the treaty at that Nov. 20 meeting a move leading to U.N. Security Council involvement and possible sanctions.

But the council is unlikely to grant Washington’s request. Within recent weeks, Iran has swung from belligerent denial of wrongdoing to acknowledging past “mistakes” in not reporting honestly to the agency. The prevailing sentiment in the Security Council is that it would be less dangerous to play along with the charade than it would to back Iran into a corner.

The most likely scenario is to repeat the same cycle of UN inspection teams playing ‘cheat and retreat’ that just came to it’s predictable conclusion next door in Iraq.


Setting up a scenario eerily reminiscent to the run-up to the war with Iraq, the United Nations inspection teams report one set of conclusions, while the United States intelligence services examine the same evidence and report exactly the opposite.

Two intelligence reports issued in recent days find that Iran — and North Korea — have made advances on a variety of technologies necessary to build nuclear weapons that surprised many nuclear experts and Western intelligence officials.

Iran’s program turns out to have been even broader and deeper than American intelligence agencies suspected. A 30-page confidential report issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency and sent to 20 governments on Monday describes a program that reached back at least 18 years and involved extremely complex technologies, including an exotic program to use lasers to enrich uranium.

The IAEA report is full of examples showing that Iran fooled the global nuclear watchdog for years. It refers to “limited and reactive” cooperation with inspectors and “changing and contradictory” stories. Despite that history of deception, though, the IAEA insisted that there is no evidence of a current weapons project in Iran.

That conclusion stunned US intelligence experts.

Especially since the Iranian report to the IAEA contained details even US intelligence didn’t know. Details that strengthened the US conclusion Iran IS working on a nuclear weapon.

The report said that Tehran acknowledged building two centrifuge plants and finishing a third site, the Kalaye Electric Company, which made centrifuge parts and did extensive centrifuge testing and experimental purification of uranium.

Inspectors were blocked from entering the electric company’s facilities earlier this year; they now know that behind a false wall of boxes were scores of centrifuges, in what appeared to be a pilot program to produce weapons-grade uranium. The report also reveals that for 12 years Iran developed a secondary program to use lasers to purify uranium.

These programs costs billions of dollars to develop in secret. The ONLY end-use for enriched uranium and plutonium is nuclear weapons. But somehow, the IAEA has concluded those billions invested in developing material useful only as nuclear weapons is NOT evidence that Iran has an active nuclear weapons development program.

The Russians immediately endorsed the IAEA report, since it is making billions from building the reactors in the first place. I noted with interest a headline in this morning’s South Africa Star that predicted the next logical step in the global political template. It proclaimed, “European Powers, Americans Set to Clash over Iran’s Nuclear Activities”.

Is this starting to sound we’ve been here before?

The world continues to polarize into five distinct spheres of influence; Europe, the Muslim Middle East and North Africa, the Far East Asian bloc, the former Soviet Union and the United States.

The Bible foretold four out of five. Scripture speaks to the revived Roman Empire, the Kings of the South, the Kings of the East and the Gog-Magog alliance. In Scripture, there is no fifth sphere of global influence in the last days.

North Korea is already nuclear, as are India and Pakistan. Iran is clearly developing nuclear weapons. There seems to be no real interest in preventing the spread of nuclear proliferation among rogue states from anywhere except the United States. And it’s unlikely Washington is going to sit by quietly while Tehran gets the Bomb.

Someone posted an interesting comment in one of the forums the other day. It speculated that maybe where Ezekiel and John refer to swords and spears, that’s because that’s all that’s left.

I don’t know where America fits into prophecy, but according to Scripture, it plays no major role. Nuclear war is one possibility. The Rapture is another — my preferred choice, but by no means a certainty.

What IS certain is that America is surrounded by an increasingly hostile, and increasing deadly, world in these last days. Already, the secular world is predicting the passing of the torch of empire from America to Europe. The four spheres of power predicted in Scripture exist, and the only common bond they share is hatred of America.

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. . . when these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. . . Verily I say unto you, This generation shall NOT pass away, till ALL be fulfilled.” (Matthew 24:6, Luke 21:28,32)

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