US Preparing Northern Offensive in Afghanistan

US Preparing Northern Offensive in Afghanistan

Vol: 1 Issue: 15 Monday, October 15, 2001

As US-led coalition air strikes continue to degrade the Taliban’s military infrastructure throughout Afghanistan, the opposition United Front (UF) is preparing to swing to the offensive both north of the Hindu Kush range and south of the mountains towards the capital Kabul. The bulk of UF forces – estimated to total some 12,000-15,000 personnel in the northeast – are concentrated on fronts screening Taloqan and close to supply lines from neighboring Tajikistan.

Northern Alliance forces are assembling along the front lines west of the Kokcha river for a breakout that will aim first to recapture Taloqan – which the UF lost to Taliban forces in September last year. A breakout could also see an advance on the city of Kunduz and possibly the key northern centre of Mazar-e Sharif.

If US-led coalition air strikes shift from Taliban military infrastructure in and around Kabul to targets on or behind the front lines, a Northern Alliance advance to the gates of the Kabul within a few days is entirely possible. That’s a big if, however. While Washington may be considering backing the Northern Alliance, our new best friend, Pakistan, has expressed strong opposition to an occupation of Kabul by northern UF forces.

Biowar Jitters and Preparedness Update

A CNN/Time Magazine poll released Saturday shows nearly half of Americans are concerned they or someone they know will be exposed to the anthrax bacteria.

President Bush plans to recommend that Congress allocate more than $1.5 billion in additional funds for the Department of Health and Human Services efforts to fight bio-terrorism, bringing the amount devoted to the fight to more than $1.8 billion.

The money would be used to stockpile medications, speed development of smallpox vaccine and improve federal, state and local preparedness.

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft acknowledged Sunday the news media could be a target.

A US Airways representative noticed a powdery substance on a vacant ticket counter at Pittsburgh International Airport and alerted authorities. The area was eventually pronounced clear by HazMat authorities.

Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tennessee, who is a physician, told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday “our system is under-prepared” if anthrax is used as weapon of mass destruction.

Hezbollah, PA, Explain Terrorism

The al-Liwaa Daily recently published an interview with Sayyed Fadlallah. He is the spiritual leader of the Hizbullah terrorist organization. Asked about the difference between targeting civilians in Israel and targeting those in America, this spiritual advisor of the Islamic ‘religion of peace’ answered, “There is a big difference. In Palestine it is a question of self-defense being the only way the Palestinians can drive the Israelis into a security impasse. So, how is that different than if it wanted to drive the Americans into a security impasse? In other words, there is no difference, apart from the target. The target just happens to be Israel, and not the US. For now.

Toufik Tirawi, head of intelligence services in the Palestinian Authority, indirectly made a similar distinction in an interview on the Voice of Palestine. When asked about the intention of the PA to arrest terrorists in its jurisdiction, Tirawi denied that shooting at Israelis is terrorism. There are no terrorists, Tirawi said, We will arrest no one. Those who open fire on Israelis are not terrorists.

Bin-Laden To Supporters, “Die For Me”

He sounds pretty confident in his releases for Western consumption, but he hides in a cave. He threatens America by promising his followers that death is something to be greatly desired. Except his own. Osama Bin Laden said that he would support the orphans of those Pakistanis who were killed by Pakistani police during anti-American protests in Karachi.

Bin Laden wrote that he asks Allah to accept them as martyrs and to join them with the prophets, the caliphs and the martyrs and those of goodwill

However, Bin Laden is not satisfied with only their deaths, rather [w]e hope that these brothers will be the first martyrs in the battle of Islam in this era against the new [infidel] Jewish and Christian crusader campaign that is led by the Chief Crusader Bush under the banner of the cross.

Is This America’s Last War?

Hal Lindsey believes it may be. He writes in his commentary at Hal Lindsey Oracle, “It may startle you to learn that the rise and fall of every great world empire was predicted by the Bible Prophet Daniel. In both chapter 2 and chapter 7 of his prophecies, he predicts a succession of four great empires that God recognized as having authority over the whole earth. Daniel used various metaphors to depict the same four successive empires in the two chapters. Understanding Daniel s prophecy is the key to understanding America s destiny in the end times into which we have entered. In chapter two, he uses the image of a colossal multi-metal statue of a man. The head is of gold. The shoulders and arms are of silver. The torso and thighs are of bronze. The lower legs are of iron. And the feet and ten toes are part iron and part clay.” More


Bin-Laden’s NBC Facilities Hit By US Forces

Bin-Laden’s NBC Facilities Hit By US Forces

Vol: 1 Issue: 14 Sunday, October 14, 2001

Intel sources say that among the targets attacked by US air-strikes on October 12 was an Al-Qaeda facility used for the production of chemical weapons and biological agents. According to Western intelligence sources, Al-Qaeda members were instructed how to carry out attacks at these facilities with the agents.

The Politics of Oil

Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas firm, began production at the Zapolyarnoye field in western Siberia on Oct. 5 and also began deliveries to the Netherlands. These two events signal a shift in the balance of power between Europe and Russia. Europe now has no choice but to invest in Russia’s natural gas industry to keep its own economies functioning.

This will have the effect of marginally reducing Europe’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil, but at the ultimate cost of increasing Europe’s dependence on Moscow. Striking a balance between the two will be impossible. Natural gas accounts for 22 percent of Europe’s power needs, and if natural gas supplants coal and nuclear as expected, that proportion could shoot up to 49 percent, according to Eurostat, the European Union’s statistical agency. Apart from the North Sea, Europe has no significant gas reserves.

Ezekiel’s Roster

In addition, it increases Russia’s standing among the oil producing nations of the Middle East, already dependent on Moscow for weapons. Moscow’s new oil muscle will give it additional strategic control over the Middle East oil producing nations, since Moscow will be able to turn on or off the spigot at will, controlling global oil prices [and Middle East oil profit].

Ezekiel 38 describes the lineup of nations that will one day move against Israel and ultimately against Europe. Many are oil producing nations. Iran [Persia,] Libya [Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania} Gomer, [which includes the oil rich segments of the Ukraine near the Black Sea] and Togarmah [Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia and parts of Armenia].

Kings of The South

A series of incidents near the contested Cameroon-Nigeria border have once again raised the possibility of violence between the two West African nations. Anti-government protests Oct. 2 left three people dead in Cameroon, and the Nigerian government is preparing to evacuate border villages. Coupled with tensions over the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula, the situation could easily become explosive. Pressure is building slowly but steadily along the border and may eventually erupt in a violent outburst, disrupting oil production in both nations and tipping the two toward open conflict.

Nigeria and Cameroon — backed respectively by Britain and France — dispute ownership of the Bakassi Peninsula, a 400-square-mile area on the lip of the Gulf of Guinea. Mangrove swamps there are thought to hold significant oil reserves that British, American and French energy companies are eager to develop.