The Jerusalem Post

Editorial: Britain's pro-Israel pivot

The strong UK statement against the UNHRC resolutions comes just days after London was hit by a murderous terrorist attack carried out by a lone-wolf assailant inspired by an Islamist ideology.

Report: Kushner to head new office tasked with fixing government inefficiency

The Washington Post reported on Monday that the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, will play a role in the newly established innovation office, assisting in resource development.

Pence: US seeks 'just solution' to conflict, president still seriously considering embassy move

In his speech, he said he was "never more proud" of his boss than when he condemned antisemitism at the very top of his address to a joint session to Congress.

‘Israel should support Kurds’ struggle against despotic Iranian regime

PJAK speaks with ‘Post’ about shared history of Jews and Kurds in region.

'Mossad allegedly attempted to turn French spies into double agents'

According to Le Monde, Mossad effort to turn agents came during a joint operation against Syria's chemical weapons program.

How FBI technology led to breakthrough in final weeks of JCC investigation

The FBI brought sophisticated technology to the investigation that the Israel Police did not have access to previously, which turned out to be essential in locating the suspect.

Bennett: Unpleasant to know Netanyahu requested articles against me

“The prime minister does not need to order a series of articles from a newspaper publisher against one of the parties."

Updated: 3/27/2017 2:59:04 AM