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AOL blocks Christian email
Posted By: Sheldon
8/5/2004 12:38:21 PM


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Member Comments:

It would not surprise me that AOL is blocking certain e-mail.

But what I wonder is did the author send the first message to a large group of e-mail addresses and then send the second to only one address at a time. It might have been blocked the first time as spam and gone through on a re-try if it was only addressed to a single e-mail account.

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Posted By: BeckyHunter -
Date: 8/5/2004 10:03:07 PM
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Doesn't AOL believe in freedom of speech? Oh, I get it. It's only freedom of speech if the speech is against President George W. Bush. I wouldn't use AOL if I could get it for free. AOL might be the world's biggest ISP. But, it stinks, if you ask me! Most of my family use AOL. And, when I'm at their home, I've used it, many times. And, believe me, it really stinks. I could't wait to get home and back to my ISP.


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Posted By: Lou -
Date: 8/6/2004 12:04:30 AM
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The AOL screening process is a bit more relaxed but still people have those same complaints in group mailing, why AOL customers have to be sent mail individually.

There have been a lot of complaints about unsolicited group mailing and AOL has been trying to program a filter to please both extreems.

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Posted By: Kelly -
Date: 8/6/2004 1:15:07 AM
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OH they going play that I think I take my contract somewhere else


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Posted By: RobertOyler -
Date: 8/6/2004 9:00:23 PM
Shout AMEN!Amen ~ PrayingPraying


My first experience with Antichrist On Line was about 8 years ago, they were filtering email and access to certain websites even back then. My main complaint was their crooked billing practices. Then 5 years later, I decided to give them another chance, things were even worse on all fronts. This time their crooked billing system caused me to hire a lawyer (who won my case by the way).Actually settled out of court. NEVER EVER AGAIN is all I have to say about Antichrist On Line.

Reply # 5 - ReplyTo ID: 4256

Posted By: Sheldon -
Date: 8/6/2004 11:30:23 PM
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Antichrist On Line. - falling off my chair laughing, will have to remember that one...

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Posted By: Unknown -
Date: 8/9/2004 2:08:11 AM
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This happened to me about 2 months ago. I was trying to send a friend a link to the nogaymarriage.com website. I got a reply from the "system administrator" saying that AOL had received a lot of complaints about the website. I didn't even know they read my e-mail, let alone censored it. I sent this story to my friend and they told me they were going to drop AOL. Maybe if enough people drop them they will "see the light".

Reply # 7 - ReplyTo ID: 4266

Posted By: William Robertson -
Date: 8/9/2004 5:14:25 PM
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I too have had problems with AO(hel)L. I do not use AOL or it's IM. I have had many messages bounced back or are undeliverable for a variety of reasons when I try to email highly conservative or Christian content. So far, I have successfully weaned most of my friends and family away from AOL.

Reply # 8 - ReplyTo ID: 4267

Posted By: TeresaLeGrand -
Date: 8/9/2004 10:15:19 PM
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My husband and I have noticed the pattern you described of returned/undelivered emails with Christian or liberal political content. We are dropping AOL at the end of the year despite the hassle of business, etc. I'm thankful of freedom of choice. PTL!

Terri LeGrand