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Monday, October 15, 2018   4:59:51 AM  
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Psalm 83 Is Here?
Posted By: DanielPayne
8/21/2011 11:45:45 AM


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Member Comments:

As "Palestinian" militants fire more rockets into southern Israel on Sunday, angry protesters are taking to the streets of Cairo demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and the closing of the Israeli embassy. They are of course protesting the Israeli response to the terrorist attacks that took place on Thursday, in which 8 unarmed
civilians were shot to death on a desert road, in Israel.

Any details of Thursday's attack, which originated straight out of Egypt (the Gaza Strip), are now buried under the details of Israel's response to the attack.

The following is a small collection of quotes from the video news story link above about the anger from Egypt. They are all direct quotes from Egyptians in this video news story.

In reference to one of the Egyptian police killed during Israel's response to Thursday's attack:

  • "We want retribution."
  • "For him to be killed by ENEMY fire on our own soil, that is just
    unacceptable." (Oh really? On your own soil? So you don't like that, huh?)
  • "It's a shame for Egypt.
  • "...an eye for an eye."
  • "It's the worst crisis since the Egyptian revolution."

The hypocrisy of the quotes above is astonishing... but well, not really.

Here is a final quote from the Al Jazeera reporter as she was standing in front of the angry protesters mentioned above:

"The controversial 1979 peace treaty between Israel, questioned. Scenes like these outside the Israely embassy in Cairo, under ousted president Hosni Mubarak, would have simply been UNIMAGINABLE."

I think the Hagrites of the Psalm 83 prophecy are ready to attack Israel now. (I say that facetiously. Of course they're ready.)

So are the Assyrians, the Edomites, the Ishmaelites... you know the rest of them. They have always been ready.

I was born in 1970. Recently I have come to the realization that I have been BLIND to the significance of the so called temporary peace between Israel and her enemies. I'm referring to all of the current so called peace treaties that exist between Israel and her Arab neighbors such as Jordan.

I was too young to absorb the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel (The Camp David Accords). I do remember very vividly when Egyptian president Anwar Sadat was murdered by members of his own military for his signature on the 1979 treaty. However, I sure did not realize at the time the significance of that treaty. 

Even though I spent 6 months in the region in the early 90's, I have not really put much thought into their importance. (Albeit only important for temporary on-again, off-again peace.) I have always known that all of these treaties were doomed for failure.

The current conflict between Israel and Egypt shows just how fast the so called "peaceful" people of Egypt will rise up in anger against their "enemy" Israel.

So what I have learned is that I believe all of Israel's Arab neighbors are and have been seething with anger toward Israel. They will rise up in a flash with the same anger as the Hagrites toward Israel, just like the Bible says they will.

They can't wait to have their part in the alliance described in Psalm 83 against Israel.

I feel like scales are being removed from my eyes.

Check out this link to see how Turkey and Jordan (Edom, Moab, etc.) are getting into the mix: http://news.google.com/news/section?pz=1&jfkl=true&cf=all&ned=us&hl=en&q=topic:gaza&ict=tc