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Tuesday, August 14, 2018   4:57:44 PM  
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Go De-Fund Israel
Israel - Middle East
Friday, April 13, 2018
Alf Cengia

Go De-Fund Israel: And welcome to the end of the world.

Let's go de-fund Israel! It is a godless secular state which consistently denies its Messiah. Israel commits human rights atrocities. So it's about time the United States stops spending American tax dollars on the regime. At least that's how some people think.

Over the years I've maintained a personal blog and written my share of articles. I have Google Analytics track reader traffic. Two articles in particular draw the most consistent attention.

One is a 2009 article on Seventh-day Adventist Steve Wohlberg, where I discuss his book "End Time Delusions." Adventists love their prophecy! Unfortunately, if Wohlberg is to be believed, modern Israel isn't part of any significant future prophetic event. He thinks true Israel is the Sabbath-keeping SDA Church.

The other popular blog article discussed Craig Blomberg's paper: “Inappropriately Privileging Israel: Why Historic Premillennialism Trumps Dispensationalism". Blomberg had been scheduled to speak to a Denver Seminary audience. Due to illness, the paper was delivered by Gary Hoag. You can listen to it HERE.

Blomberg thinks Dispensationalism misinterprets Bible prophecy and that Christian Zionists ignore Israel's crimes against the Palestinians. My problem with Blomberg as that he's joined ranks with his friend Gary Burge in fibbing about Israel. Furthermore Blomberg doesn't take the texts dealing with Israel's future very seriously. More recently he's come under fire for his version of inerrancy.

It used to be chic for non-pretrib premillennialists to consider themselves Historic Premil (perhaps it still is). This was because of the posttrib rapture. The historic part was handy to own as a badge of authenticity. You know, pretrib-premil being recently invented by that nasty John Darby.

Historically, HPs were also Historicists who allegorized the Book of Revelation way beyond the obvious symbolism. They also viewed the Old Testament through the lens of the New, and assumed the church was true Israel. Are you HP?

My HP blog drew attention from assorted Christians who had problems with Jews. They tried to be very christianly about it, though. And they all had "very good reasons." One problem was the Talmud. Jews attracted persecution throughout history because they followed those horrible Talmudic guidelines.

And don't forget the "Protocols," the Rothschild's, the control of the media and Hollywood Mogul Jews polluting the West! Did I leave anything out? Oh yes! 9/11! Thank you, Dr Sizer.

I went through the exercise of gathering examples of anti-Semitism and violence against Jews. No one referenced the Talmud as an excuse. That poor Holocaust survivor in France was murdered because she was a Jew, not because of her daily Talmudic devotionals. Moreover, the world still loves Islam, despite the Qur'an.

I finally got one fellow to relinquish his Talmudic persecution theory. Even though he was as desperate to hang onto it as a baby wants its pacifier. But Israel was still evil.

He attempted a compromise. The United States should stop sending American tax dollars to Israel because it already enjoys a nuclear arsenal. No one is going to attack it because of "second-strike" capability. Nor does it deserve US aid. I'm sure Israel feels secure with that in my mind.

So let's go de-fund Israel. Muslim countries and other nations ought to be de-funded as well. They're all bad. I'm sure the Social Justice activists will be persuaded by that logic.

The idea of de-funding the only true democracy with good human rights records in the region seems counter-intuitive - crazy even. But emotions trump facts. I'm sorry for using the word "trump." Isn't it now considered a micro-aggression? Oops, there I go again!

Countless articles have been written about whether or not Israel deserves to be supported. CAMERA continuously pours water over the fibbers. Despite all the fact-checking data easily available, people seem addicted to their prejudices. They're not anti-Semites. Just ask them.

The fiascos surrounding Stephen Sizer and Jeremy Corbyn, and their denials of anti-Semitism, remind me of the boy caught with his hands in the forbidden cookie jar. His fingers and mouth are covered with crumbs. Yet he's always able to provide excuses as to why he isn't actually eating them.

If it quacks like a duck....well, you know.

You may have even seen those apocalyptic pics of the dark smoky skies on the Gaza-Israel border. But there's another conflict brewing up north which may have end-of-the-world portent. By that I really mean the End of this Age. The world will continue. Just under New Management.

Under the watchful gaze of Big Brother Russia - Armageddon aspiring Iran; Syria (what's left of it); proxy Hezbollah, and the New Turkey have placed a target on Israel. Possessing nuclear arsenals doesn't guarantee peace. The war against Israel is being fought on numerous non-nuclear fronts, and by proxy.

Israel has had to resort to pre-emptive strikes to avoid a future catastrophic conflagration. But whenever it takes steps to protect itself, it incurs the wrath of the United Nations and the armchair BDS critics. Israel is on a leash.

My problem with Blomberg and his friends isn't just that they misrepresent the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Their eschatology denies God's straightforward prophetic plan. They willfully highlight Israel's sins at the cost of missing the Big Picture.

Jesus Christ is going to return at some point. He said He would. The Bible speaks of a time when Israel will be completely de-funded in worldly terms. The nations will one day gather against it in preparation for Christ's return.

Yet God will remember Israel.

Remember these things, O Jacob, and Israel, for you are my servant; I formed you; you are my servant; O Israel, you will not be forgotten by me. Isaiah 44:21

Then the LORD will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle. Zechariah 14:3

Are we seeing the beginning of that prophetic scenario? Not only can I not see how the events unfolding in the Middle East can be turned humanly around - I also can't see it taking too long before the world wakes up in fright.

Have you placed your faith in Christ yet? Don't be caught napping.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

P.S. For those who want to keep track of Israel in context of current Middle East events, I highly recommend Amir Tsarfati's Behold Israel Website. He has boots-on-the-ground information and avoids sensationalism. Be informed.

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