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The History of Hatred
Commentary on the News
Thursday, August 24, 2017
J.L. Robb

God is Love according to John the Apostle, but it is not without strings attached. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8 NIV

How often do we hear the following in many of today’s messages: God hates the sin but loves the sinner. Is this true?

Apparently, there was no hatred in the Garden of Eden; because all Adam and Eve knew was love. There was no sibling rivalry and bickering because there were no siblings; there was no adultery, because there was no one with whom to adulterate. Immorality was non-existent. No drug addictions; no sexual aberrations; no jealousy or coveting; no lust for sex or power. There was no hatred. Everything was perfect.

It is interesting, at least to me, that when Eve and Adam committed the first sin in all time, the very first thing they noticed was that they were naked. That was probably the first instance of lust; and that first recognition has virtually doomed the world, twice. It seems that the gift God intended for increasing the population, mankind perverted into a dance of decadence.

That dance led to the near death of all mankind and animal kind in Noah’s day, as well as plant life. After the flood there were eight survivors, or we would not be here; but the path of the survivors seems to have led the population back to the days of Noah.

Fast-forward only 300 years and the new populace, generated via the sons of Noah, has already reverted to the decadence that so disgusted our Creator. Sodom and Gomorrah paid a great price for the backsliding: Total destruction of the cities, along with two others; destruction of the metropolitan populations; blinding of the gay men who screamed and ranted for the two male visitors to come out so they could have sex with them; fire raining from heaven and earthquakes. These cities have never been identified beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt, because their destruction was so complete. Like the destruction caused by the flood was so complete.

Did God love the Sodomites and Gomorrahites?  Did He hate the sin but loved the sinners? Doesn’t look like it.

The first time I read the story of the Cities of the Plain and their destruction, the story of the huge crowd of screaming men with only sex with other men on their minds, seemed nonsensical. How could that ever happen to an entire population? What would organize that many people into perversion, like in Nineveh, Babylon and Sodom, against the Almighty?

They did not believe in the Almighty. That seems to be an ongoing problem with the world as a whole: People not believing the Almighty exists; people believing the Almighty exists but is not who He said He was; people believing the Almighty, if He does exist, has really made a mess of things and needs to change a few, like the sex rules.

One does not have to wonder anymore how Sodom got to be Sodom. We are watching it happen, live and in person, via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and television. While prosperity preachers tell us how wonderful everything is (and send money for the jet) and not to worry, the civilized world is collapsing.

North Korea is threatening to nuke America, Israel, Guam and Japan; and the “people” are worried about Robert E. Lee statues. Bangladesh is under water with possibly hundreds dead, mostly children; and America is concerned about Andrew Jackson and George Washington statues. Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the world, free and unfree; but a Chicago “pastor” wants to change Andrew Jackson Park to Michael Jackson Park and rename the George Washington Park to Mayor Harold Washington Park. Not really concerned about the murder rate.

Assuming that Pastor Dukes’ ancestors were slaves, maybe he should be glad they chose to stay in the hated United States rather than go back to Liberia.

Hate. Hatred.

Last week in Charlottesville, Virginia, the intense hatred was noteworthy from all sides. There were a few who were only interested in preserving our amazing history and were not a part of the hatred but got lumped in with the despicables from the far left and the far right.

Was Robert E. Lee despicable, unworthy of his own statue and place in history? He was a veteran, and many in our own country have a long history of hatred toward veterans and police officers. I did not notice any men in the Charlottesville crowds who could hold a candle to Lee. Those tearing down relics of the founders and fighters for America, hundreds of years ago, are the true haters of freedom. One character compared the destruction of Saddam Hussein’s statue to that of Robert E. Lee, saying it was the same.

And no, God does not love everyone and said so many times.

“Because of all their wickedness in Gilgal, I hated them there.
Because of their sinful deeds, I will drive them out of my house.
I will no longer love them; all their leaders are rebellious.” Hosea 9:15 NIV

A little about Robert E. Lee (1807-1870). The New York Herald wrote the following obituary for Robert Edward Lee:

On a quiet autumn morning, in the land which he loved so well and served so faithfully, the spirit of Robert Edward Lee left the clay which it had so much ennobled and traveled out of this world into the great and mysterious land. Here in the North, forgetting that the time was when the sword of Robert Edward Lee was drawn against us—forgetting and forgiving all the years of bloodshed and agony—we have long since ceased to look upon him as the Confederate leader, but have claimed him as one of ourselves; have cherished and felt proud of his military genius; have recounted and recorded his triumphs as our own; have extolled his virtue as reflecting upon us—for Robert Edward Lee was an American, and the great nation which gave him birth would be today unworthy of such a son if she regarded him lightly.

“Never had mother a nobler son. In him the military genius of America was developed to a greater extent than ever before. In him all that was pure and lofty in mind and purpose found lodgment. Dignified without presumption, affable without familiarity, he united all those charms of manners which made him the idol of his friends and of his soldiers and won for him the respect and admiration of the world. Even as in the days of triumph, glory did not intoxicate, so, when the dark clouds swept over him, adversity did not depress.

Robert E. Lee graduated from West Point without a single demerit and with the highest ranking of a cadet. He served in the Mexican War and later returned to West Point as superintendent in 1852. Lee endorsed the emancipation of slaves and prayed for its abolition:

"The doctrines and miracles of our Savior have required nearly two thousand years to convert but a small portion of the human race, and even among Christian nations what gross errors still exist! While we see the course of the final abolition of human slavery is still onward, and give it the aid of our prayers, let us leave the progress as well as the results in the hands of Him who, chooses to work by slow influences, and with whom a thousand years are but as a single day."  Excerpts from Robert E. Lee's Letter to President Pierce prior to the War

Robert E. Lee’s father, “Light Horse” Harry Lee, fought with George Washington in the Revolutionary War and said the eulogy at Washington’s funeral.

Does this sound like an evil man like Saddam Hussein and Hitler? Did he not pay his dues for the country he loved?

About J.L. Robb

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