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Thursday, April 26, 2018   2:37:32 PM  
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Onward Christian Soldiers
Terror - Islam
Thursday, March 12, 2015
J.L. Robb

“Christians are no good at being soldiers. If going to join the new militia makes them feel good, great. But it will achieve absolutely nothing. We are dealing with an evil, evil regime as we saw in Libya with the beheadings of the Coptic Christians. There is very little that any Iraqi Christian or British Christian can do to help. The best thing they can do is stay at home." ~ Rev. Canon Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad

The world seems to have gone pretty isolationist, though most of the world has been there for decades. Now that the United States does not plan to take the battle to the bad guys, or at least what the civilized world calls bad guys, who will do it? Britain? France? Spain?

“Let them fight their own war,” shout the isolationists, “It is none of our business.”

It appears that Iraqi troops are fighting with new vigor. Of course any vigor at all would be something new. Many of the troops do not fight for country but for bank account. Once the real fighters left- excuse me, withdrew- and came back home, the Islamists had their way with the new virgin country (countries).

I am not sure how many people will have to be beheaded, and I am not talking only about Christians. If those of us who believe in the Almighty are correct, we are all brothers and sisters, related through the common bond provided by who the Bible identifies as Adam and Eve, the first couple in the history of mankind from whom all others came to be. So how many people will need to be slaughtered in one of the greatest massacres of mankind before those who wish to live and let live concede that passivity does not work if the other side is not passive. Never has.

Christian philosophy brought us the Geneva Conventions, comprised of four treaties in 1949 that established international standards for humanitarian treatment during war. Really? There is humanitarian treatment during war?

When Islamic militants killed four American citizens, dragged them through the streets of Baghdad, hung them on an Iraqi bridge and set them on fire, I do not think they followed Geneva Convention protocol. When Daniel Pearl was beheaded, was that Geneva Convention oriented? How about the Coptic Christians beheaded a couple of weeks ago in Libya?

When the American soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq abused terrorist prisoners by making them stand naked or threatened them with barking dogs, the world’s news outlets seemed ecstatic to be able to post photographs everywhere possible of this terrible, non-Geneva-like treatment of the people who wanted to behead us. Yet, no photos of the four burning Americans seemed worthy for the front page, too gruesome for our little eyes to behold. But Abu Ghraib photos were just fine, anything to bring our fighting men and women, defamation.

A lot of talk traversing the Christian Internet these days is asking if the 7-year tribulation has started, considering the plight of the innocents in some Islamist territories. Beheadings and burning alive would certainly be indicators. However, I don’t think we have seen anything yet. The massacre of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and unbelievers will only increase until someone, some country, some coalition does something to stop it. This seems unlikely. And for those of us who believe the rapture will occur prior to the 7-year time of despair, it is obvious that it has not started. But…

In discussions over the years with Jehovah’s Witnesses friends, war invariably comes up. It has always been puzzling to me that a group of folk would enjoy the benefits of freedom, brought about by war, yet be unwilling to participate in the battle.  The argument has usually been, “We do not want to kill other Christians, like happened on World War II.”

Well, I have news for them. In the coming war, they won’t be shooting at Christians, they will be trying to save their wives’ heads from beheadophiles. At least this is what the Bible insinuates.

Sometimes I think about Judgment Day and the implications for leaders of nations. I think Jesus might ask, “Why didn’t you save my children when I gave you the ability? Why didn’t you save the Jews from Hitler’s war machine? Why didn’t you get involved? It was a test, and you failed miserably.”

Christian soldiers fought this same terrorism from the same religion, a thousand years ago; and the Crusaders could be as brutal as anyone, at least during war. So I disagree with the opening quote of this article. The question is, how far does one have to push before Christians push back? The Islamists apparently feel comfy that the Christian world will be too busy turning cheeks to stop the slaughter, and it seems to be morbidly true.

Meet Matthew Van Dyke.

Van Dyke, from Baltimore, is a journalist and freedom fighter. Reports have followed him from Libya where he fought against Khadafy and was caught and incarcerated at Abu Salim prison in Tripoli. At 35, he has Indiana Jones written all through his personality.

After escaping Libya, he turns up in Syria, fighting against Assad. Of course, the world could have fought Assad, like the world could be fighting ISIS, but has chosen to isolate themselves. Which leaves it up to freedom fighters to go in and get the job done.

Now Van Dyke has turned his attention to the tragedy of Iraqi Christians.

Christian militias are now on the ground and fighting the Islamists, and the Islamists have much bigger guns; because they have our guns, captured from the Iraqi army. The Vicar of Baghdad will be proven right, I believe; and these Christian fighters will also suffer at the hands of the Mother of all Brutality, ISIS and the other Islamist acronyms that live to kill.

Meet “Brett” who is really not Brett.

At 28, he has served with the U.S. Army in Iraq and has now returned to engage ISIS. He is fighting with a Christian militia named Dwekh Nawsha, a phrase that means self-sacrifice. That seems appropriate.

Brett is one of many foreign fighters who have entered the fray to help Christians and other innocents who are being slaughtered in the name of Allah. Since the world will not. Brett considers himself to be a “crusader.”

Supposed experts on the Middle East believe these militias play right into the hands of ISIS who is portraying this as a religious war. If they admit to or refer themselves to be crusaders, this is what Islamists have been spouting for years. Blame the Christians, like a thousand years ago. Tell the people a lie long enough, and they will believe.

Here’s a news alert for the experts: It is a religious war, like it or not.

This is merely the precursor to the war at Armageddon in Israel, and the experts would do themselves a favor if they would read Revelation and the Prophets. World leaders should do the same, because it is all spelled out.

Jesus said about his return visit, that had He not come when He did (projecting into the future), everyone would be dead.

World War III, the Third War, will make the other two seem marginal, in my opinion. It will be the war of all wars and the finale. Once that happens, a new era begins. For those who make it, it will be like the Garden in the beginning. That is why I write about this great love story that God has for those who believe He exists and love Him.

About J.L. Robb

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