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Snapshot of a Moving Picture (SMP)
War News
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Pete Garcia

If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to take a good picture.  With mine, you may get one decent one, and the other ten will be blurry.  That’s kind of how it is these days in the news.

The digital news has been decimating the traditional paper print.  By the time the paper hits the newsstands, the ‘news’ will have changed three times.  In a sense, we are perpetually in a 9/10 mentality.  September 10th, we thought the world was one way.  September 11th, 2001, the world changed forever.  So my objective predictions are only as good as the information I have up unto this point.  I am going to attempt to give a quick ‘snapshot’ of what is going on in the world from my foxhole.  The map is how the US divides the world up into different commands, and this is available on Wikipedia, but I thought I would include it for readers to reference as we go through.

 The map is how the US divides the world up into different commands 


Thanks to the Clintons, China now has much of our technology that helped the US maintain an edge on the rest of the world.  If you trace the current arms race that has begun amongst many of the lesser nations over the last 20 years, China and Russia are the two main culprits for leveling the playing field.

Recently, China has begun sticking its’ financial sniffer into the European Union.  They are no longer interested in being solely invested in our debt, although, the Most Favored Nation (MFN) status will remain in place, ensuring their military growth will continue into the foreseeable future.  One thing to consider though is that as an unintended byproduct of the ‘One Child’ policy, female infanticide has led to an overwhelming male population.  Some experts have pointed out, that this puts China exactly where Japan was back in the 1930’s, and we all know how that turned out.   Japan is still struggling after the earthquake/tsunami, and will no longer be a serious debt buyer from the US.  There is a sort of ‘Mexican standoff’ between the Vietnamese, the Filipinos, and the Chinese as the South China Seas are becoming a little too crowded.

North Korea is running out of time as starvation is starting to take its toll through the military ranks.  The US military has two Commands dealing with and in Asia.  There is PACOM (Pacific Command) and CENTCOM (Central Command) which deals with the Middle East from Egypt to the borders of Pakistan.


The African Union has lambasted NATO and the EU/US for targeting Kaddafi.  Sudan (north and south) could explode at any moment over the upcoming declaration for independence.  Coup de tat’s riddled African continent still has their pot shot dictators heading of most of the member nations of this Union.  China has been taking advantage of the greedy dictators and will continue exploiting precious metals, oil, and resources there, picking up where the European Colonialists left off over 50 years ago. 

The US military has created AFRICOM (African Command) as a measure to implement a command structure in case we wind up there someday fighting. (I mean boots on the ground fighting)


Look for the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM) to take on a stronger role as the ‘arab spring’ begins to solidify into something recognizable.  Problems with illegal immigration for the Europeans and standard of living with the Arab counterparts will become key issues that will need to be solved.

With former IMF Strausse-Kahn’s charges cleared, look for him to reinsert himself back into either French or EU politics.  If he runs for president in France, look for Nicolas Sarkozy to move into a stronger role in the UFM.  The EU President, Herman Van Rompuy has quietly and determinedly been building the infrastructure for the European Union.  He is a consummate bureaucrat, and has the ‘behind the scenes’ ability to lay the proper groundwork to establish the EU as the coming superpower it needs to be.  As his term comes to an end in May 2012, look for a more viable and recognizable world leader to head this, and Tony Blair (former UK Prime Minister) has been gunning for the job.

The US has USEUCOM, and look for this to shrink and either shift back (people/equipment) back to the mainland US.  The EU has recognized that they will need a standing Army to compete as a world super power, and look for NATO to morph into this, or at the very least, be modeled after it.

South America

Chavez has cancer, who knew?

Volcano in Chile has been quieting down.  But Chile sits on the Pacific “ring of fire” so we can expect to see continued earthquakes and volcanic activity wreaking havoc on our southern neighbors. Look for continued cooperation between Venezuela’s Chavez and Iran over oil and nuclear technology.

Not just Chavez, but we can see the uptick in violence in Mexico and South America is a direct reflection of these Narco-Terrorists Cartels emulating the effective tactics they saw on the news for 9 years during our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Cartels are teaming up with Islamic terror groups (the enemy of my enemy is my friend?)

Brazil had been calling for a one world currency, is not insignificant as they have quickly been the rising star amongst nations as a growing economic powerhouse.  The US has SOUTHCOM (Southern Command)


Medvedev is NOT going to challenge Putin in the next election.  Big surprise there!  Russia has been actively been trying to rebuild and recoup their old satellite states.

When Poland stood up against Russia, a plane carrying 95 officials, too include the president and senior member of the Polish military and administration died in a plane crash on April 10th of 2010.

Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet satellite state, where the US Airbase Manas is, barely survived a coupé d’état no less than a year ago.  Russia is actively building a Syrian port, and helping Iran in building nuclear reactors.

Russia is amongst the nations included in the Gog/Magog coalition of nations that attempt to destroy Israel.  I can think of about a dozen reasons why they would, but the main one, is if Israel taps the massive natural gas fields off their coast and begin selling to Europe.  That would mean the Russians would have lost a wealthy client, and will not be able to control Europe by threatening to withhold energy from them.  Russia falls under the US’s USEUCOM strategic area.


Economy is in the dumps, and the current administration has only predictably done one thing, and done it very well… and that is to introduce uncertainty into every sector of the government and the private market.  Our action (think Healthcare) and inactions (think Iran’s Green Revolution) on various issues, has reverberated across the world, not just at home.  Our allies have begun to not trust us, and our enemies are exploiting every weakness in which to bring us down.  This administration effectively has taken the image of the United States, as a trusted resort for investors and for open fair market competition, and has turned us into a house of cards.

As the economy continues to fluctuate between highs and lows, look for the lows to reach lower for longer and the highs to be shorter and not bounce back as high.  Money will ultimately force Congress to take a long, hard look at our overseas commitments.

Expect the US to move quickly from Afghanistan.  We will however maintain a presence militarily in Iraq for the foreseeable future.  The difference in the two is that one is sustainable logistically; the other (Afghanistan) is not.  The US falls under NORTHCOM and includes Mexico and Canada.  No effective border fence will ever be built across our Southern border.  If we were ever going to do it, we would have already after 9/11.

Scriptural Assessment

The Bible states that there is Israel, and four spheres of power in the end times; Russia, Western coalition, Kings of the South and East.  I do not know what the US will look like at the time of the end, but if current trends continue as they are, we will not continue as major player for much longer.  One event could effectively remove us as world power, which would be the Rapture of the Church.

Conservatively, if the Church (or Body of Christ) constitutes anywhere from 1% (3.6 million) to 10% (36 million) of the US population (360 million), the sudden and permanent removal of that many people all at once, would crumble our way of life almost instantaneously.  And since Christians consist in every level of professional, government, and political level, we would be hit harder than non-Christian nation states where the Christians are either at the lower rungs of the economic ladder, or are secret or underground believers.  When this happens, the US will begin to sell military technology (since we have stopped producing much of anything else) to the new rising stars in order to stay afloat.

This is how the antichrist and the revived Roman Empire can quickly become a powerhouse.  NATO provides the military structure that is already in place.  The EU is quickly setting the financial and political houses in order.  They (EU) currently recognize that they need a military, so I believe that when the Rapture (crisis) happens, they will take Rahm Emmanuel’s advice and not let it ‘go to waste’

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