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Monday, September 24, 2018   5:52:32 AM  
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Revelation  1 : 8
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.
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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign      Average Rank of 4.79 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
September 29, 2017 - Alf Cengia
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. When will Christ return? What are the signs of His premillennial coming? What's taking Him so long?
Mulligans      Average Rank of 4.87 Stars
Witnessing Tools
September 28, 2017 - J.L. Robb
I began playing golf late in my life, at least for golf, at age 45. I have never been very good and found the difficulty frustrating. I love nature and spend a lot of time in the woods and water when I play. I am lucky to break 100, unless I use a Mulligan… or three.
Through the Desert on a Force with No Name      Average Rank of 4.74 Stars
Witnessing Tools
September 27, 2017 - Wendy Wippel
The word “desert" used in an geographical context means, “a region largely devoid of rain and therefore also largely devoid of vegetation, or life”.  According to astrophysicists, however (Who knew!), there is also a desert in space.  A "particle desert". Which shocked them, for two reasons. First, because it shouldn’t be there. Second, because if it wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be here either.
SIGNS      Average Rank of 4.79 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
September 25, 2017 - Pete Garcia
As we draw closer to the end of the age, there will inevitably be more and more signs and wonders becoming increasingly evident to those who are paying attention. After all, isn’t the convergence all about the coalescing of signs and wonders all heralding the end of our age? But what are signs? Are signs the event themselves, or are they markers which point to some prescribed event forthcoming?
Remembering Nabeel Qureshi      Average Rank of 4.83 Stars
Witnessing Tools
September 22, 2017 - Alf Cengia
On the 16th of September 2017, God called 34 year old Nabeel Qureshi home to glory after a long battle with stomach cancer. He leaves a grieving wife and daughter behind, as well as parents, a sister, and countless people whose lives he touched.
Where Have All the Palm Leaves Gone?      Average Rank of 4.79 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
September 21, 2017 - J.L. Robb
"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.” Luke 21:25 NIV
Fighting with Physics      Average Rank of 4.54 Stars
Witnessing Tools
September 20, 2017 - Wendy Wippel
Lost in the hurricane hysteria that has (appropriately) captured our collective attention since the middle of August was another story that ultimately could have much bigger repercussions.  Namely, sonic weaponry, used against American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba. It’s considered the future of warfare, but it may be as old as Methuselah. Or at least close.
The World That Was      Average Rank of 4.89 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
September 18, 2017 - Pete Garcia
In early 1914, though, it seemed almost impossible that Britain and France would go to war with Germany to defend Russia against Austria-Hungary over a dispute with Serbia. Yet by June 28, war moved straight from impossible to inevitable — without ever passing through improbable. Four years later, 10 million people had died. (From World War One: First war was impossible, then inevitable; Anatole Kaletsky)
Our Will Be Done      Average Rank of 4.96 Stars
Witnessing Tools
September 15, 2017 - Alf Cengia
Someone once wrote: “There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, "Thy will be done," and those to whom God says, in the end, "Thy will be done." All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell. No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. Those who knock it is opened.” ~ C.S. Lewis
One More Bubble Burst…      Average Rank of 4.87 Stars
In Defense of the Faith
September 13, 2017 - Wendy Wippel
Ever wonder why our physicists seem so anxious to find evidence of other life? Always searching the cosmos for other earth-like hospitable planets?  Ostensibly it’s because, with global  warming, we’re all looking at needing to make a move sometime soon. Really it’s because one planet with intelligent life smacks of an omnipotent Creator.  A bunch, in their view, shows it’s just mother nature.
Last Days Madness?      Average Rank of 4.91 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
September 11, 2017 - Pete Garcia
The greatest pandemic to ever hit this world wasn’t the Plague, the Spanish Flu, or any other biological agent, but a spiritual pathogen we know as sin. Sin has infected every human (save One) and has manifested itself through satanic, demonic, and human efforts since the dawn of time. One powerful expression of it is with the twisting of the truth. It began when Satan (the serpent) asked Eve the first question in the Bible, “…yeah hath God said?” Since then, the truth has continually been twisted and warped to accommodate the fallen motivation and ambitions of both men and darker entities.
A Battle for Truth and Holiness      Average Rank of 4.91 Stars
In Defense of the Faith
September 08, 2017 - Alf Cengia
From its inception the church has been in a Battle for Truth and Holiness. I'm no historian but I haven't found too many accounts where the church coasted along smoothly. Most of the great Puritan works were born under tribulations. Often these adversities came from other professing Christians dividing over doctrines.  
God and America      Average Rank of 4.73 Stars
Globalism - Ecumenism
September 07, 2017 - J.L. Robb
Is America being punished by God? I hear it every time there is a tornado or earthquake or hurricane. Muslim Imams are quick to blame our decadence. Not sure who they blamed for the Indonesia tsunami since it was mostly 240,000 Muslims that were killed. 
Soul Trains      Average Rank of 4.78 Stars
Witnessing Tools
September 06, 2017 - Wendy Wippel
A certain wit, when asked by an old acquaintance how his children were doing, answered like this: "We’ve had a bit of bad luck with our children. They’ve grown up.  Which would be really funny if I wasn’t currently living through it". 
The Hope of Glory      Average Rank of 4.85 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
September 04, 2017 - Pete Garcia
I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ, for the sake of His body, which is the church, of which I became a minister according to the stewardship from God which was given to me for you, to fulfill the word of God, the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints. To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.
Pilgrims in a Foreign World      Average Rank of 4.56 Stars
Witnessing Tools
September 01, 2017 - Alf Cengia
As Christians, we are pilgrims in a foreign world. We live in the world but we don't belong to it. Our country lies elsewhere.
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