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Friday, October 20, 2017   1:22:07 PM  
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Revelation  1 : 8
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.
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That Cosmic Conspiracy      Average Rank of 4.85 Stars
Globalism - Ecumenism
October 20, 2017 - Alf Cengia
I've often wondered what it would be like to climb into a time machine and go back to my younger self. Haven't you? What advice would you give your younger self knowing what you know now? Come to think of it, what advice would your future self give your current self, if it could?
The Rocketís Red Glare      Average Rank of 4.85 Stars
In Defense of the Faith
October 19, 2017 - J.L. Robb
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
How the Creator God Plays Craps      Average Rank of 4.78 Stars
In Defense of the Faith
October 18, 2017 - Wendy Wippel
Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein, in the 1920s, held regular debates regarding the nature of our universe, specifically whether our reality was made up of particles (which had one constant role to play) or waves (which could have more than one function). The debates  were wildly popular (think 1935 version of the Super Bowl. Yeah, it was a different era).  Today that issues been settled, and it turns out that only one answer left anyone to care.
Is the US in Bible Prophecy?      Average Rank of 4.81 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
October 16, 2017 - Pete Garcia
There has been much discussion as of late on whether or not the United States is found in Bible prophecy. How does the world’s most powerful, Christian, and Israel-friendly nation not warrant a mention as a key player in the last days? If the US is in Bible prophecy, what role does she play? If she is not, then why not? What happens to her vast natural resources, advanced technology, military arsenal, and able-bodied citizens? Considering these questions, there are biblically sound and astute teachers on both sides of the issue who either believe that the US is Mystery Babylon, or that we are not in the picture at all.
Welcome to Facebook Jail      Average Rank of 4.79 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
October 13, 2017 - Alf Cengia
Welcome to Facebook Jail. Have you ever been convicted of a cyber misdemeanor and sentenced to Facebook Jail?
The Devilís Seed      Average Rank of 4.88 Stars
Prophecy - Signs
October 12, 2017 - J.L. Robb
If you were the devil and wanted to take all of humanity from the warmth and light of a loving God to the deepest, darkest depths of man’s depravity, what would you do?
Kvetch Like an Egyptian      Average Rank of 4.77 Stars
Witnessing Tools
October 11, 2017 - Wendy Wippel
You may have missed it (as I did) but apparently the things that keeps Biblical scholars up at night has lately been this: were the ancient Egyptians black or white? Dunno why this was such a academic obsession, but now we have an answer. Neither.
East Meets West      Average Rank of 4.84 Stars
Witnessing Tools
October 09, 2017 - Pete Garcia
21st century Americans don’t give much thought to Columbus Day anymore. For many, it’s just another federal holiday. Others as of late are highly offended by something that happened 525 years ago and yet, are only here to complain about it because of being direct beneficiaries of it. 
Human Nature and Imminent Rapture Problems      Average Rank of 4.88 Stars
In Defense of the Faith
October 06, 2017 - Alf Cengia
Human nature and imminent Rapture problems: is the expectation of Christ's imminent return to rapture the church an incentive for holy living? Some think it isn't. What about other alleged problems?
Hate, Home Grown      Average Rank of 4.83 Stars
Perspective on the News
October 04, 2017 - Wendy Wippel
I am assuming that pretty much all of you reading this spent last evening doing the exact same thing I did. That being, watching the news, weeping for the scores of dead country music fans, and wondering what the heck would have motivated this multimillionaire—apparently an American success story—to do what he did. We may never know. But Scripture can shed some light on it. 
The ĎChurch of Christí in the Last Days      Average Rank of 4.85 Stars
In Defense of the Faith
October 02, 2017 - Pete Garcia
Chances are, if you belong to a Church of Christ (non-instrumental), you probably wouldn’t be reading the Omega Letter in the first place.  But, I have met enough people along the way who were or know people who are that I thought this warranted writing.
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That Cosmic Conspiracy The Rocketís Red Glare How the Creator God Plays Craps Is the US in Bible Prophecy? Welcome to Facebook Jail
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